Freezing Pipes

During winter, temperatures in New Jersey can drop below zero and freeze exposed water pipes in and around your home. Taking up much more space than water, ice will expand and bust your plumbing pipes and fittings. Broken water pipes are great damage causers to properties, ruining indoor belongings and foundation walls.

Non-insulated water pipes running along exterior walls or crawl spaces are highly vulnerable to freezing during winter. The best prevention against frozen pipes is to insulate exposed water lines with fiberglass, heat tape or foam rubber sleeves. Aside from early pipe insulation, Plumber New Jersey provides the following tips on how to avoid freezing pipes before winter 2009 is in full swing:

-Disconnect your outdoor water connections. Turn off water supply and drain water from pipes connecting to outside faucets.

-If you are planning to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas away from home, turn off your main water supply and drain water trapped in the plumbing system.

Professional plumbers advise their customers to carry out the necessary prevention no later than fall. Nevertheless even if you do not weatherize your non-insulated water lines – catching early a freezing pipe can still spare you costly damages provided immediate action is taken to thaw right the frozen section. Turn off your water supply and open faucets to let out trapped steam and water.

Thawing a frozen pipe can never be done with an open flame for the risk of thermal expansion that will split open the line. As a guiding rule for safe thawing – never let the pipe become too hot to touch with bare hands. You can gently thaw the frozen section using one of the following methods:

1. Apply hot rugs on the freezing section.

2. Direct a space heater towards the frozen section.

3. Use a hair dryer and move from faucet to frozen part.

4. Wrap heat tape on frozen pipe

Defrosting your frozen pipes can damage control this water related emergency until you NJ plumber arrives to the rescue.

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