How to Identify and Repair Common Toilet Problems

Every New Jersey home as at least one toilet, if not two or three units. Toilets are used every day, every hour – their hard use and abuse lead to common plumbing problems such as poor flushing, sweaty tanks and leaks.

Plumber New Jersey offers helpful tips on how to identify common toilet problems in our homes:

Poor Flushing
Plumbers will usually adjust the float ball to ideal position. A high float ball overfills the tank while a low float ball prevents the tank from filling with water.

|strong-|Sweaty Tanks|-strong
Sweaty tanks result from external condensation. Simply insulate the walls of the tank to rectify this toilet problem.

Running Toilets
Running toilets are also known as silent leakers as water leaks in toilets are usually silent and hard to detect. If you suspect a leaky toilet simply carry out the food dye test. Add several drops of color dye in the tank of the toilet. Colored watered bowl after 30 minutes indicate a leaky toilet. Call your NJ plumber for fast repair to get your toilet back to working condition.

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