Plumbing Faq

What is a vent, and what role does it play in the plumbing system?
There are vents coming out of every roof. They are very important to your plumbing system, because they guide sewer gases out of your home. Air is needed to force the liquid down the pipe. If there are no vents, an unpleasant odor arises when drain liquid sucks air from plumbing fixture traps.

What is the recommended method for preventing root intrusion in the main sewer line ?
Proper preventative maintenance should include clearing out the drain three times a year. Find out from your plumbers if there are any chemicals which might be placed in the drain system so as to prevent the roots from entering your pipes.

Why is hot water rusty and brown sometimes?
There are different possibilities for this change in clarity:

  1. Some chemicals create rust in the water lines. Owing to alteration in water pressure, the rust moves to the various fixtures and appliances and exits from them.
  2. If the pipe has broken, dirt may have entered the water supply, thus discoloring the water.
  3. Sometimes water can be discolored by sediment from the water heater which travels through the fixtures.
  4. The metal jacket may rust due to some malfunction of the glass lining in the water heater.
  5. There may be iron bacteria in water if you reside next to a well.

How are the PVC pipes different from the CPVC plastic pipes?
PVC is designed for cold water only, whereas CPVC is acceptable for both hot and cold lines. A common use for PVC is drainpipes.

Is there an advantage to using plastic supply lines?
Plastic supply lines not only save you money, but they are also non-corrosive, will not bend, are non-toxic, and provide more flexibility.

How should we proceed to fix (partially) clogged drains in kitchens?
The first step is to use a plunger. After carefully reading the instructions, use a liquid drain opener. You can remove the trap to see if that's where the clog originates. A drain auger or "snake" will allow you to reach the clogged area.

A faucet aerator performs what task?
An aerator thwarts the water from splashing everywhere by diffusing it.

Why do I need a trap under my sink?
Traps are necessary to prevent nasty sewer gases from seeping into the kitchen and bathrooms.

Where is the fixture shutoff valve, and what does it do?
These valves are located next to or under the toilet and sink, and can shut off the water supply to these fixtures if required. If a particular sink or toilet is causing leaks or flooding, close the shutoff valves for that specific fixture.

What does a plumber's snake do?
A plumber's snake is a long, flexible tool that can be pushed down pipes to loosen clogs.

What can you do to stop odors from the garbage disposal and make sure they don't recur?
In order to eliminate garbage disposal odors:

  1. Stop the drain and fill the sink with hot water. Put in a few cups of laundry bleach and a couple of drops of liquid dish soap while the water is still running. Then, when you see that the sink is almost full, pull the plug and as it begins to drain, turn on the disposal. By using hot water, soap and bleach, you should find the odor diminishes.
  2. Put about half a box of baking soda down the drain. Then take vinegar and pour it into the drain slowly until the foam begins to go down. Turn on the disposal and the hot water when it stops foaming. Leave the disposal on for about a minute, and allow the hot water to run for 5 or 10 minutes.
  3. Put pieces of citrus fruit in your garbage disposal and let it run every so often.
  4. Use garbage disposal cleaning material and apply it at least once a month.
  5. Keep the garbage disposal free of leftover food.

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