Sewer Line

The drain, waste, vent (or DWV) system is made up of large-diameter pipes that run parallel to the water supply lines. The drain system carries waste water from your house to the main sewer line, which either carries it to a septic tank or brings it through the municipal sewage system to a sewage facility.

Gravity plays a crucial part in your plumbing system, since all waste and drain pipes have a downward slope. The sewer line also slopes downward to the septic tank or sewage line. If there is a leak or clog in the main sewer line, a foul odor will swiftly develop. Your chances of experiencing leakage decrease when PVC lining is installed in the sewer line.

Root intrusion can cause blocked sewer lines. Try flushing out the obtrusion with a garden hose. If the latter method doesn't do the trick, you'll need a professional New Jersey plumber to clear the obstruction with a power auger. There are many chemical solutions, such as copper sulfate for instance, which will most likely curb the re-growth of roots. Never put them in your sewer line before talking to a plumber first.

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