Garbage Disposals

One of the most useful and essential devices in many households is a garbage disposal. Repairing garbage disposals is best left to a professional, since they require both plumbing and electrical knowledge to fix. Your New Jersey Plumber can not only help you with the very best garbage disposal plumbing services, but with any other plumbing job as well.

The purpose of garbage disposals, which are attached to the base of the kitchen sink drain, is to grind up the food remains that enter the drain. Once the food has been through the shredder in the grinding chamber, the liquid and small particles are pushed down the drain by an impeller arm.

When trying to fix your garbage disposal on your own you need to be equipped with the proper know-how, as it is not always a simple project to tackle. Turning off the power to the circuit serving the garbage disposal is the most important safety measure to remember before beginning any project. You definitely don't want the disposal to start operating with your hands inside it!

In order to avoid clogging, your disposal needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. If any food is left to rot beneath or within the appliance, you will be confronted by horrible smells, subject to nasty bacteria, and faced with a disposal that won't work properly because of blockages.

One simple solution would be to use tongs or pliers to pull the non-disposable items from down inside the garbage disposal. After you've taken out the waste materials it is advisable to clean the drain. Plug up the drain, fill the sink with 2-4 inches (5-10 cm) of water, then release the water down the drain while turning on the garbage disposal. Your drain will flow freely if you employ preventative cleaning maintenance on a regular basis.

You may have to remove the trap and clean it out if your drain becomes clogged. Firstly, place a bucket beneath the drain. Then use a pipe wrench to release the fittings on the trap. After removing the trap from the pipes, find the clog and clear it out. If you cannot see the clog, you may be able to remove it from the drainpipe with an auger or a plumber's snake. Additionally you may ask your professional New Jersey plumbing company to assist you.

Freshening up your sink by means of a few citrus peels, is a much recommended finishing touch to any clog clearing operation. Toss the peels inside the disposal, and turn on the cold water and then the disposal itself.

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