Gas Lines Run

Plumbing is much more than just water. Gas line installation is an important part of the plumbing work. The installation of vital gas lines for heating and cooking is performed by a plumber. Your New Jersey Plumber will be happy to handle your gas line layout in the event that you are planning to move, remodel, or when you're building a new home.

Gas enters your home at low pressure, either as natural gas from utility lines under the street, or as propane from visible or buried tanks.

Your New Jersey Plumber is responsible for bringing the gas from the curb to your house through yellow plastic tubing. Plumbers install gas lines in the home, just as they install drain pipes. Pipes carrying natural gas are made of steel or black iron; those transporting propane are often made of copper.

You can tell if dangerous gas leaks occur through the familiar gas scent. If the unpleasant gas odor fills your house, immediately shut off the gas valve. Your next step is to call the qualified experts of the gas company who will be able to help you out. Avoid turning on or off any electrical appliances and put out all flames, because even the smallest spark can lead to a dangerous explosion.

Your professional New Jersey Plumber would be happy to teach you more about gas lines and their installation.

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