Water Heating & Cooling Systems

Have you ever tried to take a hot bath to warm up during a frosty evening, only to find that you have no warm water? Have you tried to get some cold water from your kitchen tap, only to burn yourself with hot water instead?

Our domestic water system is comprised of hot and cold water. All necessary fixtures and appliances receive water from supply lines. So, how does this process work? How are hot and cold water kept separate?

Your cold water requirements are met by the water arriving directly from the main supply. Water travels to your home from the municipal water system through a high pressure pipe. It then flows through your water lines to all of your fixtures and appliances. Toilets use a considerable amount of cold water. Your water supply system may include filtering or water softening appliances that make cold water safer for consumption. A water filtration system can be installed under the sinks to provide a contaminant-free drinking water system.

Your water heater heats up water inside the unit. Operated either electronically or by gas, a water heater can hold up to 60 gallons of water and houses a heavy inner steel tank. Water enters the tank through the pipe that carries cold water from the water supply main line. The water inside the tank is slowly heated by the electric components of the system inside the tank.

The recommended temperature range for water heaters in the home is usually between 120 to 140 degrees F (49 to 60 C). Water temperature is controlled continuously by a thermostat. The heated water is transported by several outgoing pipes that reach all of the relevant fixtures and appliances. The heater has a drain valve at its base. It can be used to empty the tank or clear away sediment. It's recommended to drain the tank once or twice a year as preventive maintenance.

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